How to Unlock iPhone/iPad iCloud Activation Lock Online Without Downloading Any Software

I can understand that you come to this post because you are looking for a legitimate way to unlock iCloud Activation Lock and also you do not want to download any of software to your computer cause they might be malicious or some kind of virus. First of all let me tell you that our iCloud Unlock & Hack Tool is 100% virus free and we have tested it with various virus scanner (i.e. virustoal, scan-online etc) cause we know what is the importance of user data and that why we take care of our users by making our program more secure and virus-free.

Now lets talk about Unlocking iCloud Lock Without Having To Download Anything? So we happy to announce that after working days and nights and putting so much efforts OUR Team is finally able to make an web based iCloud Unlocker Tool… which means if youre not wiling to download any software or you’ve come to our website on your mobile phone and wants to unlock icloud lock online then here we’re for you now. By following few simple steps you will be able to unlock iphone/ipad by using IMEI number.

how to unlock icloud online

How to Unlock iPhone/iPad Online Without Downloading Anything 2018

Steps by Step Guide:

Step 1: First you need to visit our online icloud unlocker tool page. You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Step 2: When you’re on the online icloud unlock/bypass tool page Enter your iPhone/iPad IMEI number in the box saying Enter Your Phone IMEI Number Here“.

Step 3: Next choose the feature that you want to use like Unlock iCloud, Bypass Activation, Change IMEI and Encrypt Location and click/tap on START button.

What are these options and what they can do?

  • Unlock iCloud: it will permanently remove icloud activation lock from your device
  • Bypass Activation: It will just bypass icloud activation screen and you can use a locked Phone with some features
  • Change IMEI: It will change the IMEI number of your device to avoid getting locked again in future (It may take some days to show changed/new IMEI number in online records)
  • Encrypt Location: It will change your location so you unlock any device without being detected.

Step 4: App will take some time to complete the unlock process. Once finish, you will be redirected to your device unlock summary report.

Step 5: Once you see the summary report Reboot your device within 10 minutes.

Step 6: No more steps. Do you really think there will be more steps to follow? Nope, absolutely not. The only step to follow is now to Enjoy your Unlocked Device 😉

If you want a proof that the software really work watch the videos below. Also our 16,230 active users can’t be wrong. Read more about what people say after using this software on our Testimonial Page.

If you have any query about this tool Contact Us using this link.